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Sjoa Camping is a wonderful central location for activities in the heart of Norway, perfect to use as a ‘hub port’ for day trips and as a gateway to Gudbrandsdalen. The valley is a traditional district in Norway and the main character in Henrik Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt was inspired by a real or legendary person living in the valley in the 18th or 17th century. The number of picturesque daytrips by car, foot or both are endless.

‘If you need to unplug and enjoy nature’s company, try Sjoa Camping’

Trout and Grayling fishing

The river is on our 'doorstep' and it's a lot of fun to catch a good-sized wild trout 20 steps from your camp site. In July the river will return to 'normal' summer level and the two first weeks after this occurence contains some great fishing opportunities. You can click on a red button below and buy fishing license for Zone 4 (four) or 5 (five) via iNatur.

Day Trip - One day hikes

Sjoa Camping is located in a perfect spot for day-trips. The most famous day hike in Norway is to walk ‘Besseggen’. About 30,000 people walk this trip each year, and driving to Gjende takes only one hour from Sjoa (GPS – Gjendevegen 200, 2683 Tessanden). Another great day trip is visiting Peer Gynt-hytta. The drive is 45 min to the beautiful mountain lodge Smuksjøseter, (GPS – Smuksjøsetervegen 506, 2673 Høvringen), and then there is only an easy flat 3.4km walk to Peer Gynt Hytta, suitable for children as well. Another personal favourite day trip for hiking, is driving to Kvamsfjellet, only a 30 min drive (GPS – sukkertoppråket 119, 2642 Kvam) and then you can park the car somewhere nearby and walk to the top at sukkertoppen with it’s nice view. While at Kvamsfjellet and perhaps after you have been to the top of sukkertoppen it is a great idea to relax and soothe tired, aching feet in Årvillingen. (GPS – Gamle Hovdvegen 34, 2642 Kvam). God Tur!

Day Trip - Best one day trips by car

A local favourite is to drive from Sjoa via Kvernbrua to Glittersjå. You must use a normal car on this road, motorhome or caravan may not be a good idea on Kvernbruvegen, if so you should drive via Heidal and Fylkesvei 257 instead. Normal car is via GPS – Kvernbruvegen 665, and down to beautiful Glittersjå (GPS – Sjolivegen 2336, 2676 Heidal). Going back to Sjoa Camping it is suggested to drive to Heidal (GPS – Ysterivegen 2, 2676 Heidal) via Fylkesvei 257.

Another beautiful drive in the Gudbrandsdal mountains is to drive to Kvamsfjellet (GPS – Nysetervegen 11, 2642 Kvam) then drive via Per Gynt Seterveg (GPS – Per Gynt Seterveg 3473, 2640 Vinstra) and back down to Vinstra (GPS – Nedregata 46, 2640 Vinstra). A nice drive.

Sports and Activities
  • The most popular activity in Sjoa is Rafting. There are many experienced rafting companies in the area. A quick search at Google wil help you find many that offers actionfilled adventures in the Sjoa River, well known as one of the World’s best and most popular rivers for whitewater rafting and other water activities​.
  • There is also horsebackriding in Heidal. (GPS – Høgsetervegen 728, 2677 Nedre Heidal). 

Why Sjoa Camping

The closeness of the river brings the calmness of nature to your mind and body immediately. No need to do square breathing in order to reduce stress when at Sjoa Camping.

What You Get

Camping…it does a body (and mind) good. You can focus on the basics that we still have access to. Sit back and relax with a good book, solve a crossword puzzle or a sudoku.